Please note: these files have been mastered VERY loudly. You should probably not play these songs at full volume on your first listen. Start with a much lower volume and gradually increase it. If you damage your speakers or system playing this album, don't blame me. You have been warned.

Last Sunset of Autumn (recorded in February 2014)


Last Sunset of Autumn cover
Last Sunset of Autumn back cover

hanazono [flower garden] (18.35)
kakashi [scarecrow] (1:38)
kakashi slow [9:47]
hanano [flowery field] (37:50)
total time: 67:50



Released: 13 February 2016
Catalogue Number: OSC037AKB002LP67:50


hanazono and hanano contain samples of chaos noise by oceanictrancer, industrial13 by mitchelk, Loud vehicle by Omar Alvarado, extreme_noise_fltr_2 by thanvannispen, Mostly Unprocessed Extreme Vibrations by hello_flowers and , Weird Resonance Turntable-ish Breakbeat Thing by hello_flowers


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Last Sunset of Autumn dynamic range stats

 DR		Peak		RMS		Filename

 DR-0		over		2.05 dB 	hanazono (flower garden).m4a
 DR-0		over		1.37 dB 	kakashi (scarecrow).m4a
 DR-0		over		1.21 dB 	kakashi slow.m4a
 DR-0		over		2.55 dB 	hanano (flowery field).m4a

 Number of files:	4
 Official DR value:	DR0



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