Please note: these files have been mastered VERY loudly. You should probably not play these songs at full volume on your first listen. Start with a much lower volume and gradually increase it. If you damage your speakers or system playing this album, don't blame me. You have been warned.

First Sunrise of Autumn (recorded in March and April 2013)


First Sunrise of Autumn cover
First Sunrise of Autumn back cover

shuushoku [autumn color] (6:32)
sawayaka [refreshing] (6:34)
yonaga [long night] (4:08)
ochiba [fallen leaves] (4:53)
koneko [kitten] (3:18)
yosamu [night chill] (5:03)
kawasemi [kingfisher] (7:14)
tsuki [moon] (5:30)
chooyoo [Chrysanthemum Festival] (3:53)
tsuyuzamu [dew chill] (2:07)
amanogawa [Milky Way] (11:44)
tatsuya [emasculated idiot] (2:35)
inazuma [lightning] (13:17)
total time: 76:40


[alac] [alac] [alac] [alac] [alac] [alac] [alac] [alac] [alac] [alac] [alac] [alac] [alac]

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Released: 6 April 2013
Catalogue Number: OSC009AKB001LP76:40


Sawayaka contains a sample of US Lab background by ColChrisHadfield

Yonaga contains a sample of old door screeching by Tomlija

Ochiba contains a sample of duppyD+B01_160bpm bydjduppy.

Koneko contains samples of lion loud by Bidone and 3break by shnur_

Yosamu contains samples of Electricity going through a post in the desert by felix.blume, 100BPM-HipHopBeat001 by digital values, and Fool Synth 03 by Tobbarebble

kawasemi contains samples of beek1 by HerbertBoland and DrumLoop1 by Th3R3m1x3d.

tsuki contains a sample of heavy sighing by epanody.

chooyoo contains samples of Drums_loop_Massive_Groove_100BPM by colano100dio and fork-bowl-scrape by alienistcog.

tsuyuzamu contains samples of human cat-like vocalization by Timbre and drill_bit_grinded_1 by Ferdinger.

amanogawa contains samples of Southern Ocean by abcopen and stream+ocean by Rocktopus.

tatsuya contains samples of woman scream by sironboy and Groove 6-Audio by zilverton

inazuma contains samples of Kim Drums by KatHakaku, diffuse 0T_10m by Setuniman and GuitarChalk by HolyGhostParty.


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First Sunrise of Autumn dynamic range stats

 DR		Peak		RMS		Filename

 DR-0		over		1.59 dB 	shuushoku.m4a
 DR-0		over		0.69 dB 	sawayaka.m4a
 DR-0		over		1.91 dB 	yonaga.m4a 
 DR-0		over		2.06 dB 	ochiba.m4a 
 DR-0		over		1.07 dB 	koneko.m4a 
 DR-0		over		1.63 dB 	yosamu.m4a
 DR-0		over		1.57 dB 	kawasemi.m4a 
 DR-0		over		1.64 dB 	tsuki.m4a
 DR-0		over		1.93 dB 	chooyoo.m4a 
 DR-0		over		1.59 dB 	tsuyuzamu.m4a
 DR-0		over		1.59 dB 	amanogawa.m4a
 DR-0		over		2.73 dB 	tatsuya.m4a
 DR-0		over		2.36 dB 	inazuma.m4a

 Number of files:	13
 Official DR value:	DR0



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