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Akibare was a brief project I did back around April of 2013. It was after the 8th RCB album, and before I started XR1300. I wasn't really sure where to go from there and a noise project seemed the best answer. I made one album, then didn't do anything else with it until February of 2014. By that time, I was doing both RCB again and XR1300 was also becoming a major project of mine. Akibare would never live up to these projects because I'm not really a fan of noise music, and I could never enjoy listening to those tracks. I mainly made them to see if I could... In fact, I have never listened to a full Akibare track ever, whereas I usually listen to XR1300 and Rural Citizens Band tracks dozens of times before releasing them.

Here, nearly two years after making the second batch of tracks (only four this time), I am releasing them as Last Sunset of Autumn. This will be the last ever Akibare release. I recently officially retired the Rural Citizens Band name, and so I thought it was a good time to retire Akibare as well. Any future noise experiments (though I can't imagine making them) will most likely go under the new Abandoned Shorelines name.

Below is the original introductory message that lasted almost thee years without a single change. Oy vey.

I am calling this a side-project, but in reality, it might be my new main project. I have taken the ambient stuff as far as I can. After releasing a 30 minute ambient track I am almost completely and totally satisfied with, I would like to try my hand at something new.

Playing with sounds in GarageBand, I am amazed at all the nasty noises I can make, especially when worries about the loudness war go out the window. Yes, clipping and digital distortion can be a good thing if used in the proper context.

Akibare is the phonetic spelling of the Japanese word "あきばれ" which translates to "clear autumn sky." It's a beautiful word in any language and I wanted something that sounded beautiful to contrast with the ugly noise of the music. That, and it would have been a cliche to name the band after an obscure Biblical demon, or something overtly sexual. I'm trying to be somewhat original.

The first album, titled First Sunrise of Autumn, has been out for over two months now. You've been able to download it all of this time, so I really hope you haven't been waiting on me to update this index page. Yes, I am embarrassed by my laziness and oversight as well.

In all likelihood, this will be the only Akibare album ever released. Sorry.


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